Tuesday, April 17, 2007

VTech Shooting Thoughts : When will it stop ?

It was bound to happen..
The shooting spree ended with 33 deaths, in virginia tech campus.
33 lives wasted...
It was bound to happen, and it will happen again.
Dont you see it, the world has changed.
Ask yourself why, no wait, ill tell you why... Because we dont learn from the past... Year after year, after year... here is a list of high school shooting tragedy

The Jonesboro massacre 1998
The Columbine High school massacre 1999
The W. R. Myers High School shooting 1999
The Santana High School 1999
The Osaka school massacre 2001
The Erfurt massacre -2002
The Rocori High School shootings 2003
The Beslan school hostage crisis 2004
The Red Lake High School massacre 2005
The Dawson College shooting 2006
The Amish school shooting 2006
The Platte Canyon High School shooting 2006
The Henry Foss High School 2007
The Virginia Tech massacre - 2007

I am writing this , in hopes that events like this, are not forgotten... it is a simple action, but maybe it will make other people take action.

Which action you decide to take is up to you.
The least you can do is write, like i do, your thoughts for others to see...


Anonymous said...

I know my opinion is of little account but according as anybody can reading and / or take this into account. On the one hand: to my mind the knowledge has a power and this sentence know on all of the World. On the other hand: "LLL" - live Long Learning (so to speak) it's our mission in the XXI. century, isn't?
Waiting for your reply.

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Anonymous said...

Virginia Tech reports shooting (multiple)

brendan said...

hopefully this will wake up the American people to the dangers of America's gun laws and make them wise up. The country should be called the United States of Domestic Terror.

kathy&denise said...

I believe the video that was sent to CBS that was aired on national television was wholeheartedly, 100% the right thing to do. If you think about it- there are obvious reasons why "V.T." $$$$$$ ,lawsuit,President being held accountable.. does'nt want it to be aired. There are all the right reasons , especially 1 that really counts and that's called "the truth" in which the parents, relatives, friends, husbands, wives, sons,daughters, and anyone related to those that perished or had or have anything to do with being on that campus...because everyone was put in harms way that day. The whole campus should have been locked down immediately when the 1st shooting was found out. If that had taken place, Mr. Cho may have had to make a different choice that day. The truth of that video is very damaging to the college and the ignorance of the "educators", Hello!, that are suppose to be helping students and not just with their academics, but life as well. It's all a part of it. The parents right now are still in the grieving process and are at their weakest ,most vulnerable point in their lives. Give them the stages to go through and one of them is anger and it hits all of us @ diff.times, and then there is reason. When the evidence presents itself as it is now and more, more will come to light that there were a lot of RED flags for this Mr.Cho. Lots of sweeping under the rug, lots of hot potatoe playing, lots of just plain old "not really doing our jobs/CARING!!! Just because someone isn't related to you and/or you think someone is dangerous and you're an educator ,you have an obligation to follow up on it, keep track of it--HELLO!, especially if it's that bad where you don't want that individual in your class? Kids afraid to go to class? Time will tell with the parents gaining their strength after this awful tragedy. My prayers are with all that surrounds. As for the parents of Mr.Cho, they need to be open and honest so that we can learn and try and prevent other "Mr.Chos" from goin down the wrong path. Thank You for reading, Kathy

Poker Face Peter said...

Kathy , you are so right.

I think "vtechguy" is right to when he says that this will happen again...

People today dont care about anything, because of the way we are raised,and everything there is to much to care about, things are moving fast , no time for family anything...


Mark said...
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Mark said...

Americans need to realize that U.S. gun control laws are too liberal. We will continue to experience incidences like the Virginia Tech Massacre until tougher Federal gun control laws are in place. Cho had a history of criminal behavior and mental health issues. Current state and Federal gun control laws and background check systems are critically flawed. If gun retailers were required to perform discrete background checks that include mental health as well as criminal histories, it would have been far more difficult for Cho to acquire firearms where he may have been deterred from committing these horrendous gun crimes. Firearms are inherently dangerous and should be regulated by a governing agency like other property that is regulated by the government. Consider motor vehicles as an example. Why do we treat gun ownership differently from motor vehicle ownership? Do you think a person convicted of drunk driving should be allowed to have a driver’s license? Should people have a license to drive if their health deteriorates to the point where they cannot safely operate a motor vehicle? A motor vehicle’s primary function is to transport people and cargo whereas a gun’s primary function is to kill. We have common sense laws in place to protect Americans from dangerous motor vehicle drivers and need similar laws for gun owners. I do not believe we should eliminate gun ownership in the United States. However, I believe we need to create and enforce Federal gun control laws based on a common sense approach.

Let us use the Virginia Tech tragedy as a rallying point to change Federal gun control laws. Democratic legislative change begins with discussions and debates over a political issue to form a consensus and establish a political platform. One subject for the Federal gun control debate is that we should determine whether or not to have National laws that require all gun retailers (e.g. no gun show loopholes) to evaluate the criminal and mental health backgrounds of gun buyers and a Federal agency to perform an similar annual review of firearm owners using a discrete reporting system to protect the privacy of the gun buyer or owner. The reporting system would be managed by the Federal agency and supported by criminal and mental health records from sanctioned Law Enforcement Agencies and Mental Health Institutions. Reports would have pass or fail rating for the gun buyer or owner so the retailer or Federal agent would not be able to disclose the reason for the failure rating. If gun buyers or owners are convicted of a felony or their mental health is diagnosed by a Mental Health Professional to deteriorate to the point where they are a danger to themselves or their community, then the buyers should be barred from purchasing guns and the gun owners should be required to relinquish their firearms. Take a stand against the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA) who has a strong economic interest in maintaining liberal gun control laws. Give your support to politicians who will implement common sense Federal gun control laws that protect the people of our great Nation.

Ryan South Africa said...

The world is a sick place and i think it is wrong what he did, but GW Bush has the blood of 65 000 people on his hands but yet the media does not make him out as a monster like cho.

The Internet Marketing Student said...

Such actions are the results of people who feel deprived and left out in society.

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Could this philosphy have prevented what happened at VirginiaTech? Did The Secret or any material on the Law Of Attraction reached Cho?

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Wobblingscruffbag said...

So a bunch of inbred American children get put down like dogs. So fucking what? They were fucking American, so it's not as though they mattered.
The real tragedy here is that the guy (a real hero in my book) didn't get to kill a few more of the fuckers.
Fuck you all!

Charles Wong said...

Hope this incident will inspire us to help those suffering from mental problems or anguish. Never ignore or neglect them. To reach & pull them out of the abyss of delusion & hatred they are falling (or have fell) into, or at least hold them till proper help arrive.

We need to be more understanding, tolerance and compassionate.

I've blog about this incident too, just my 2c.

Scott Ryan said...

some of the killings are dreadful..

that korean man was evil he should have gone to hell

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