Tuesday, April 17, 2007

VTech Shooting Thoughts : When will it stop ?

It was bound to happen..
The shooting spree ended with 33 deaths, in virginia tech campus.
33 lives wasted...
It was bound to happen, and it will happen again.
Dont you see it, the world has changed.
Ask yourself why, no wait, ill tell you why... Because we dont learn from the past... Year after year, after year... here is a list of high school shooting tragedy

The Jonesboro massacre 1998
The Columbine High school massacre 1999
The W. R. Myers High School shooting 1999
The Santana High School 1999
The Osaka school massacre 2001
The Erfurt massacre -2002
The Rocori High School shootings 2003
The Beslan school hostage crisis 2004
The Red Lake High School massacre 2005
The Dawson College shooting 2006
The Amish school shooting 2006
The Platte Canyon High School shooting 2006
The Henry Foss High School 2007
The Virginia Tech massacre - 2007

I am writing this , in hopes that events like this, are not forgotten... it is a simple action, but maybe it will make other people take action.

Which action you decide to take is up to you.
The least you can do is write, like i do, your thoughts for others to see...

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Scary ...

Virginia Tech University Massacre clips

Good song, i think its time bush should change